What's Cooking At West End Food Co-op?

West End Food Co-op (WEFC) is a long-time friend and partner of Co-op Cred. WEFC currently works with 4 in-kitchen Co-op Cred participants. Working in the kitchen allows participants to gain experience in more ways than one.  From food handling, preparation and safety skills, to communication and team building skills, participants describe the program to be an ongoing learning experience.

Sonya Gammal, Kitchen Coordinator, has been making sourdough bread at West End Food Coop for 4 years now!

Sonya Gammal, Kitchen Coordinator, has been making sourdough bread at West End Food Coop for 4 years now!

There’s always something yummy cooking in the West End Food Co-op Kitchen! Aside from the daily Grab n’ Go’s and fresh meals made in-store, West End Food Co-op hosts monthly workshops in their kitchen.

On July 5th, the Co-op Kitchen Team accommodated a full house of 12 participants during the Sourdough Bread Workshop. Not only do participants have the opportunity to make their own sourdough loaves, but they are taught the history, theory, and practice of its making.

The Parkdale sourdough starter is prepped the day before. When participants come in for the workshop, they are guided through the process of using and making the bread. Participants also learn about the fermentation process, which is friendly for the gut! The dough works by resting, and involves a no knead method. Best of all, participants get to take home a freshly baked loaf!

West End Food Co-op also offers subsidized spots for their workshops. This provides food training and healthy eating to those who may not otherwise have access to such programming. By working together, West End Food Co-op and the participants create more than just bread; they create a hub for healthy eating that is accessible to all. The West End Food Co-op workshops are tasty, educational, and fun!

Every participant walks away with knowledge, hands-on skills, and new friendships! Don’t forget about the sourdough!

To learn more about this amazing workshop, along with the many other programs that West End Food Co-op offers, click here!