How is it Funded?

I’m a big fan of projects that have strong positive ripple effects. ...I’m proud to be supporting food security for low-income folks while also supporting local family farmers, good jobs and more!
— Humber Ride4RealFood Participant

The Co-op Cred program money used for credit is provided entirely by community donations. These financial donations are essentially financial gifts. This means Co-op Cred itself is essentially a gift from community members to participants. Our major fundraising event is the Humber Ride4Real Food which takes place annually on the fourth Sunday of June. Additional money needed to develop, co-ordinate, and deliver the program was generously provided by grants from progressive foundations.

Thank-you to the great foundations that have supported the program!


This has been the best donation I have made to an organization. Very much in keeping with my values, interests, politics and lifestyle.
— Community Supporter


The funding for credits thus far has mainly come from fundraising. We have lots of wonderful supporters in the community who have donated through such means as: